smile house deluxe plan

Massage, aroma massage, acupuncture and moxibustion,beauty acupuncture, cupping, etc.

I’m going to have a custom-made treatment according to the condition of the day!

Time:90min  Price:16,500 yen

Beauty acupuncture plan

fter a dry massage around the shoulders while lying on your stomach, lie on your back and massage your face and head.

After that, I’m going to do acupuncture on my face!

Time:45min  price:11,550 yen
Option: Cupping 2,200 yen

Aroma massage plan

We will massage your back, shoulders, and legs with high-quality aroma! Both arms and head massage are also available.

time:45min  price:10,450 yen
Option: Cupping 2,200 yen


Possessing  national qualifications

  • ▪︎ acupuncturist
  • ▪︎moxibustionistan ma massage and shiatsu practitioner

Possession of Aromatherapy Test Level 1 and 2

 Mental psychology counselor


From my experience working at an acupuncture and osteopathic clinic, I wanted to support women who are always working hard and to make them smile, so I opened acupuncture and moxibustion massage clinic.

I am working hard to raise my three children in my private life, with the smiles of the customers who come to me as my daily vitality!




kumamoto city musasigaoka 1-15-17 musasiitibankanC (1F)



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